Experience / Project Examples

Following is a list that is representative of the types of projects, and industry experience, The Fallon Group, LLC, (TFG), and its consultants, have provided its clients over the years.

TFG consultants have:
  • Devised business-building strategies for various client companies.
  • Redefined the role and strategic direction/focus of the U.S. operating groups for certain global healthcare companies. These activities included constructing business-building strategies that included, but were not necessarily limited to:
    • Identifying and/or qualifying partnership collaborators.
    • Identifying and/or qualifying acquisition targets (companies as well as products).
    • Identifying and/or qualifying product-licensing opportunities.
  • Developed a variety of commercialization strategies for a number of high-profile companies, products, and technologies.
  • Concluded a "first-of-a-kind" inpatient / outpatient treatment-outcome cost analysis for one of the larger products in the U.S. pharmaceutical market -- a study that significantly influenced national reimbursement policies for a major product category.
  • Defined and completed a variety of “customized” and “high-end” market research projects.
  • Developed a variety of pricing and reimbursement strategies.
  • Conducted a variety of due-diligence exercises.
  • Provided expert-witness consultative services.
  • Constructed and negotiated various collaborative partnering agreements designed to exploit the commercial potential of novel therapeutic agents.