Consulting Services

The Fallon Group, LLC (TFG) provides consultative services on a selected basis. Consultative services provided by TFG have taken a variety of forms – much of which have been centered around the development and commercialization of novel and proprietary healthcare products.

Of the assignments undertaken and completed on behalf of client companies, the majority have been commissioned by large, global, research-oriented pharmaceutical companies, each with annual sales measured in the billions of dollars. The balance has been undertaken and completed on behalf of the other types of companies and/or entities.

Types of Clients:
  • Major pharmaceutical companies,
  • Biotechnology companies,
  • Early stage, start-up companies,
  • Generic pharmaceutical companies,
  • Medical-device companies,
  • Venture-capital companies,
  • Universities,
  • Law firms, and various other healthcare service providers, and
  • Other research and development entities, etc.

Client Services

TFG has provided the following types of services to its clients:

Types of Services
  • Strategic Planning.
  • Business Development / Business Building Strategies.
  • Opportunity Assessments: business, markets, products, and technology.
  • Commercialization Strategies: business, market, product, and technology.
  • Market Modeling and Forecasting.
  • Valuations: company, products, and technologies, etc.
  • Due-diligence and Market-intelligence.
  • Deal-structuring: licensing, partnering, etc.
  • Customized Market Research.
  • Pricing and Reimbursement.
  • Dispute and Litigation Consultative Services.

Management Services

The Fallon Group, LLC, (TFG) currently specializes in the formation and/or management of start-up companies whose mission is to develop and commercialize novel and proprietary products and technologies. A partial list of start-up companies incubated and managed by TFG include:

Current Management Services
  • RxBio, Inc., ( - a cutting-edge platform technology company developing products for homeland security and military countermeasures as well as cancer and other major diseases.

  • ED Laboratories, Inc., ( - a cutting-edge technology company developing promising compounds for the treatment and/or erradication of deadly brain tumors (glioblastoma) as well as other significant tumors that plague mankind (retinoblastoma, etc.).